Statement Condemning Atlanta Shootings and Hate Crimes

The Berkeley chapter of the Japanese American Citizens’ League (JACL) grieves the loss of the people who were killed in the Atlanta shootings on March 16, 2021 and all those who have been impacted by the violence and hatred targeting Asian Americans and other marginalized communities. In 2020, there was a nearly 150% increase in hate speech and hate crimes against Asian Americans, fueled by false statements and anti-Asian sentiments expressed by the previous administration. We recognize that this hate and violence towards the Asian American and all marginalized communities is not new and it is important for us to continue to work together and speak up against the hate and violence.

We stand with the Asian American community and all marginalized communities in solidarity against these hateful crimes. We deeply appreciate our allies for reaching out and supporting the Asian American community during these troubling times. We all need to stand together, tell our stories of who we are, and support each other in healing from the hate and violent attacks we have experienced and witnessed over the past year. We continue to call upon our local and national elected officials to investigate these acts of hatred. We also call on the media to continue to illuminate and publicize the Asian American perspective and recent hate crime incidents.

Some ways you can help: